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BCA Membership

Our Best College Aid Membership offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to guide students and families through the college admissions process.

As a member, you'll have access to an extensive range of resources including detailed step-by-step courses on college planning, scholarship searches, and application strategies.

Members benefit from online college advising, ensuring guidance tailored to each student's unique aspirations and academic profile. We provide valuable tools for test preparation, including SAT and ACT Prep resources, and a monthly live group Q&A sessions for parents to address any queries parent's might have.

Additionally, the Best College Aid membership includes access to a supportive community of over 1,500 families, sharing their experiences and insights, along with exclusive benefits such as discounts on AP Crash Course material and Dell technology products.

This membership is ideal for families looking for a cost-effective yet thorough approach to navigating the college admissions landscape, offering a wealth of resources and expert guidance.

BCA Premium

For families seeking a more intensive, personalized experience, our Best College Aid Premium service is the perfect solution.

This service includes all the benefits of the regular membership, enhanced with an introductory one-on-one Zoom session and small group weekly Zoom Q&A sessions for students with our experienced college admissions counselors.

These sessions are tailored to address your student's specific needs, providing in-depth guidance on school selection, application review, essay writing assistance, and among other topics, interview prep. Premium members also receive priority online support, essay and supplemental question revisions, and more!

Additionally, our premium service includes specialized support in college and scholarship searches, helping students identify and apply to universities and scholarships that best match their profiles, to increase their odds of acceptance and scholarships packages.

This premium package is ideal for families desiring a hands-on, customized approach, this package offers comprehensive support for students throughout their college admissions journey.

For Parents

Gain peace of mind with our expert team guiding you through cost-effective steps for your child's successful college journey.





For Students

Receive expert college admissions guidance, ensuring you never feel alone as you navigate your path to college.





For Counselors

Expand your college consulting business with us, enhancing your impact and helping more families achieve college success.






We Help You Get The Best Aid For College!

We specialize in helping families and students navigate the complexities of college applications and financial aid. At Best College Aid, we don't just offer services; we offer a pathway to success for your college journey.


College Advice & Admissions Counseling

Admission Approach

Admission Approach

Develop a unique story that sets you apart from other candidates. Emphasize more than just scores and achievements to make an impact.

Test Readiness

Test Readiness

Benefit from top-notch SAT, ACT, and other test prep material like AP Crash Course books and more!

All-Inclusive Support

All-Inclusive Support

Get professional advice on waitlist strategies, interview techniques, campus visits, recommendation letters, and more!

Essay Guidance

Essay Guidance

Learn how to write engaging essays that reflect your journey. Avoid errors and tailor your essays to each school.

College Selection

College Selection

Identify colleges and universities that align with both the student's academic and extracurricular goals, as well as the parent's finances.

Scholarship Search

Scholarship Search

Navigate through a comprehensive search for need and merit-based scholarships that match your student's profile and household's needs.



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Our experienced team has guided thousands of students in the US and abroad to their ideal colleges and universities. Our proven methodology significantly boosts acceptance rates and scholarship opportunities, transforming college aspirations into reality. Partner with us for expert guidance on your child's successful educational journey.

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Francisco Cantu

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Laura Cantu

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David Cantu

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What Our Members Say

"This is the best counseling course for High School students, totally recommended! For those who have doubts about whether it will work for them or not, my son's story is that he was accepted at the university he wanted to go to thanks to the help of this course and the personal advice he received."

Ange Testimonial

Ange Marquez


“My experience with Best College Aid has been exceptional. What has impressed me most is the quality of college advising we receive here compared to what I got in school. Before joining BCA, I had concerns and frustrations about the college admissions process, but your personalized support has completely allayed those concerns."

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Ulises Diaz


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